Saturday, January 5, 2013

Two patterns everyone should make in the new year!

I got tired of sewing winter things and went for these two patterns. I wish I had worked on them sooner because they are great. I swear everyone looks great in these and they are also good for beginners too. Hope someone has the New Year's Resolution to learn how to sew!

Vogue 8728

Vogue 8728 by becky b.'s sew & tell
Vogue 8728, a photo by becky b.'s sew & tell on Flickr.

This has got to be my favorite pattern! It's a little tight in the waist now because of the winter weight gain of ten pounds. We have an ice skating rink right across the street, you think I could get some exercise...but don't want to break anything.

Vogue 1250

Vogue 1250 by becky b.'s sew & tell
Vogue 1250, a photo by becky b.'s sew & tell on Flickr.

I resisted getting this pattern for so long because this style normally does not look good on me. But it looked good on everyone who blogs, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. It is easy to sew and easy to wear. I bought a long black sweater to wear with it because I don't feel comfortable in form fitting clothes in the hip area.