Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Another Vintage Pattern

This pattern is from the 1960's and my mom made a dress from this pattern. I think she made it out of a pink textured double knit and she probably still has it somewhere! I tried on the dress (believe it or not) and found that it was running small. I just added two strips of fabric on the back of the bodice and it actually looks okay, not like a mistake. At least I can wear it now.

This was taken by my swimming hole at Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis. We are having a problem with flooding all over the state. Usually the flooding comes in the spring when the snow melts, but it was so cold that we had a gradual melting.

The pattern is McCall's 2630.

Vintage Patterns

I had been putting off sewing with vintage patterns just because of the unknown, even though I have many in my collection. You know how modern patterns run large? Well, these don't. Back in the older days people were just slimmer. All of the vintage patterns I've just sewn have been tight or way too small. I was so excited to sew this and I just went for it and it's the way too small one. I am going to finish it and keep it for awhile. Maybe I can wear it with a belt over a dress or loose thirty pounds, ha, ha.


Monday, June 16, 2014

Vogue 1300

I needed something easy to sew so I went to this pattern. I had just made two dresses, one that was too small to wear and one that was tight, but wearable. For this I went to the fabric stash. I had tried sewing on this fabric a long time ago with my old Kenmore sewing machine, but no matter what I tried the fabric would suck into the machine. Now that I have the Pfaff it wasn't a problem at all. This dress took about three hours to sew, no hems on anything! The dress could have been tighter but after the last few dresses this is fine for me.