Friday, December 15, 2017

Two Franken-Patterns

These are the two patterns used for this dress: Simplicity 8425 and Burda 6937.
BurdaStyle magazine had a version of this dress last year, long and with a tie collar. I was going to use this pattern and make the changes, but last time I did that the dress did not turn out very well and it's in the donation bag.

Here I am in Red Wing Minnesota, standing by the worlds largest work boot (Red Wing brand).
At one of the first ad agencies that I worked for, Red Wing Shoes was our client, so it was fun to check out their museum. And since they started production on the vintage line for women it was also very tempting.

Easy to make, not much to tell about this. Had the fabric for a long time, it is kind  of a polar fleece, but not as heavy.

This is the other franken pattern, New Look 6468 and for the sleeves Vogue 8510. Because of a fabric shortage I cut the sleeves in half, added a seam allowance and added the trim that matches the ties.

Another flannel and I also bought some more at Jo Ann's at the $2.50 sale, so more to come.
It is really the perfect fabric for a cold climate. Flannel also washes and wears nicely and it's so soft.

The only caution is if you have wider hips, add more ease in the skirt.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

McCall's 3391

 This was a pain in the ***, but it was because I wanted to try elastic thread in the bobbin. It did work, but you can't control how much it gathers and it gathered way, way, way too much. If you want to use this technique I would cut a piece of fabric larger than you need then cut to size after gathering. The pattern did say to cut the strips of elastic to size and stitch over it. Oh well, learned something new.

 I cut off the waistband and had enough fabric to cut a new one. Then instead, a casing was made and wide elastic inserted...crisis avoided, yeah! I also made a casing for the cuffs and I wish they were a little wider, maybe next time.

Butterick 5130

This dress has been cut out for two years and finally got to it. I thought is would be hard with all the casing but it wasn't.

Luckily this dress is still on the internet and that's why I added the elastic to the waist. Everything is to pattern except for the length.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Kwik Sew 3873

 This has been cut out for a whole year. I ran out of fabric for the front bottom panel. Tried to match it and this was the best I could do. If I'd just waited Vogue Fabrics had it at their booth at the sewing expo, bummer.

With Kwik Sew patterns I do usually have fitting issues. The extra large is way too big and the large is too small. This is the large and I would have liked it with a little more ease on the top and on the top panel. All in all I do think it's a striking pattern and if the right fabric comes along...

New Look 6525

 I just purchased this fabric at Treadle Yard Goods and sewed it up the next day, how often does that happen?

Super easy to sew. Don't size up on this one. Next time I use the pattern I will go down a size, to my normal 16 on top and 18 on bottom.

I just made it about two inches longer because it is a winter dress and I hate to wear tights.

Butterick 6480

I used this pattern because it was very similar to one in my Burda Style Magazine. I think I should have gotten out the tracing paper!! See the pulling on the bust-line?  That was my fault, normally I cut a size 16 on the top, but I thought I'd just go ahead and cut the 18 because I always have to make the upper sleeve bigger. When I make sleeveless tops I always have to watch for gaping armholes.

 Maybe I should just stand like this all day...

This is the solution, to look like you are out of the Golden Girls, ha! Back to the pattern, these are the sleeves from Simplicity 1059. I also had liked how the back had the same design details as the front, but, if you have a butt I would recommend just a solid, plain back. The fabric is a beautiful ponte from Vogue Fabrics.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Butterick 6087

Ah, how I long for summer and here is a dress finished and worn in summer. Butterick 6087, easy to sew and wear. I made the skirt longer and fuller.

The applique is added by a combination of fusing and sewing.

The fabric was from the sale table at Hobby Lobby purchased this year, believe it or not!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Style 2667

I saw this pattern online and had to have it. The other versions made from this pattern were cute too.
I used a different skirt because the pattern did not fit. The fabric was from Nancy's Notions and once again, had to have it, even though it was more than I normally spend. This is a favorite and will use again.

Here is a goofy cat helping me with my next project!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Mcall's 7381

I've been standing by a lot of cars lately, maybe because our lease is up this winter and I have some wishful thinking.  McCall's 7381 is a great pattern that I may even make again. No changes or alterations to the pattern and it fits good.

Sewing this was a beast, the fabric is so soft and stretchy, but I managed to fit everything together without swearing too much.

Don't let the ties intimidate you...really easy. Interesting how the wind is blowing the skirt, ha!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Vogue 1550

 I'm a summer lover and here in Minneapolis we just had a warm spell and it was fantastic!
My mom and I both went swimming in the lake almost everyday. It was the latest in the season ever. Happy dance!

Here is another dress that needed a special bra, luckily I had one on hand. This is made from a linen table cloth. I looked up Mimi G's tutorial on ice dying and let me tell you, this is the easy way to dye. Hauling that huge bag of ice was the hard part.

 For the center the pattern says to make a bias strip, crazy...just use some braid or a strip of fabric from the stash and just on the straight of grain.

I still have more dresses coming! I have a new computer and saving pictures is now torturous, they seem to go where they want to go and it's so hard to find them, so much for stupid upgrades.

Simplicity 6016

 The pattern for this top is a vintage pattern, that I bought when I was young (not vintage then).
I think back then I was afraid to sew it because it looked too complicated. Well, it was very easy to sew. Instead of using self-bias tape, I used ribbon.

 My problem with the last garments made is that I had to go shopping and buy special bras or fabric to make bralettes. I thought I'd be able to wear a normal bra with this, but no, had to wear strapless. So, I had to rip this dress off after awhile and order a new bra.

Frida Kahlo was such a fascinating person, don't you think?

New Look 6511 and Vogue 1401

Thought I'd better finish up on my summer blogging before summer is gone! This was a franken-pattern. The top is New Look 6511 and Vogue 1401 for the skirt. I originally wanted to buy the Eva dress pattern, but it just got too expensive shipping from Australia.

The skirt is cut out in four quadrants, front and back. I thought you'd be able to tell, but not so much. The top is  little too tight at the bust and a little too wide at the waist. still wearable, though.

Simplicity 9118

 Have I mentioned that I like older patterns because they have a better fit in the armholes?
This has a raised waistline and a little opening in the front. I just made my usual adjustment of making the back wider.

The fabric was from SR Harris and the trim from Hobby Lobby.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Butterick 3790

It was a gorgeous day it the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Here I am just trying to blend in. This dress was so easy and no fitting involved.

I had a vintage slip that I dyed. I thought it would turn out lime green because green plus yellow equals lime, right? Well, no it turned dark green, but I ended up liking the darker color under the lace dress.

McCall's 7060

 This dress came about because a had admired a dress similar in the Talbot's catalog, but it was too expensive, well that dress went on sale and this was already cut out. You can never have too many blue sailor dresses!

 If you want a simple shirtwaist dress, this is the pattern for you, no zippers, no plackets, no collar stands.
This is the third dress I've made that has been short waisted. Normally I like that, but not so much lately.

 I had some sailor motif patches hanging around forever and decided they weren't getting any better in the stash, so slapped those puppy's on.