Saturday, December 17, 2016

Favorite Skirt

 This is New Look 6346. It was super simple to sew and it just fits.

The only tough thing was sewing on snaps and then sewing the buttons over that, hate hand sewing, although the weather was still nice enough so I could sit outside and sew. And when I bent down to get something the top snap unsnapped, Yikes! I have been doing a lot of sewing, but just too lazy to post.

Hot Patterns 1151

I only have one picture of this and with these shoes I kind of look like a gnome, ha, ha. Anyway, I do like the skirt very much, it is a denim with little ballerina's embroidered all over, from JoAnne's many moons ago.  The pattern is Hot Patterns 1151 Lantern Skirt. Hot Patterns is one of my favorite pattern brands, for two reasons; you go by your measurements to choose the size (and it fits) and that they have some different designs.

As you can see it wasn't December when this was taken. Dreaming of warm weather.