Monday, July 25, 2016

Sewing for thrift stores

This is Vogue 9104. I specifically chose this pattern because after all the past sewing bombs, I wanted a sure thing that would fit. doesn't! There are big gaps in the armholes, toward the neck band. The neck band was not comfortable and overall the dress just looks baggy.

The fabric is so cute and I used one of my scarves for the back of the neckband. The band on the bottom is an embroidered linen. What a waste!

I was thinking I need to just sew a pattern I've used before, but nothing is sparking my interest. Hopefully there's a tall thin person out there needing a bright colorful dress.

This pattern is now in the donation bag with the dress.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

McCall's 6953

 This is another one of the dresses that did not let me enjoy sewing. The top did fit, but the pleats did not work in the back, so even though I wanted to throw this away, I picked out the back and added gathers instead. The bottom band did not fit well and it was a lot of futzing to get them together.

The fabric was from JoAnne's (last year) it is such a pretty fabric and I love the color, but it is very lightweight, and I don't think it's going to be durable.

Let's hope for some better sewing karma in the future!

Vogue 9106

 Sometimes do you just not enjoy sewing very much? The last three things I've made have had fitting issues and have taken a long time to sew. I was so excited for this vintage pattern and I loved the fabric to go with this (Pottery Barn Kids sheets). I made my normal size, but the top wouldn't close the sleeves were way too tight and where the gathers ended it was like arrows pointing to your butt and the gathers for the bust did not go below the bust. OMG! Took out the back darts, opened up the sleeves by cutting a tear drop shape and adding self bias for ties. So it does fit now, but I still don't love it. I'm just going to hang on to it until next summer and then make a decision on what to do with it. Two thumbs down!

Simplicity 8132

This is one of the few dresses that I've sewn lately that I actually like and was easy to sew. I probably would have never picked this pattern, but I saw Mimi G's cute version made in denim and just had to make it. I bought a swim suit top from target that was meant to go with this dress, but when I put the two together it did not look good. I may make the bralette later if I find suitable fabric.

The fabric was from JoAnne's purchased a year ago.