Sunday, February 23, 2014

California back to Minnesota

California by becky b.'s sew & tell
California, a photo by becky b.'s sew & tell on Flickr.

We were fortunate enough to spend time in Central California. Weather was perfect for wearing dresses and sandals every day. We did get some rain and they really need it. Lady Gaga was here a few days after us making a video and letting people know about the drought.

We got back in time for a snowstorm. The roads were very dangerous for the last few days and probably some more to come. But we ventured out to the Russian Museum. One of the installations was subtitled Exiled in Siberia, I will speak for the people of Minnesota when I say we can relate.

Butterick 5262

Butterick 5262 by becky b.'s sew & tell
Butterick 5262, a photo by becky b.'s sew & tell on Flickr.

This is the jacket that almost didn't get made. This is a raglan sleeved pattern. I thought I had the sleeve and fused the hem on it, but wait... it was the front of the jacket. I thought it would be possible to add steam to the fused area and pull it apart, but when I did the flocking on the velveteen pulled away. YIKES! To save the jacket I had to make it a lot shorter. I also couldn't get a match in the front, but I still really like this jacket.

Butterick 5256 by becky b.'s sew & tell
Butterick 5256, a photo by becky b.'s sew & tell on Flickr.

I made the collar separate instead of attached, I thought it would just be less bulky.