Sunday, September 28, 2014

Another Vintage Pattern

This fabric came from Treadle Yard Goods in Saint Paul, MN. I saw someone carrying around the bolt and I was bummed because there wasn't much fabric left. So I did some more shopping and turned around and there it was! This is another nice fitting pattern. The instructions call for you to make a slip top that is attached, but I didn't bother because the fabric was not sheer, nor can you see into the sleeves.

How do you love that necklace? We were at an Asian street market/festival and I had to have it.
Feelin' groovy!
This is Simplicity 7332. I really like this pattern. Normally when I make this kind of bodice it is not deep enough. I did try this on while sewing and it seemed perfect, but when I went to wear it, and it was a little loose in the top. After adding a elastic it became a little too tight. At least it will stay up.
The fabric came from my favorite church rummage sale. It is very much like denim. At first I thought I skirt was in order and then this pattern showed up on the internet and was the perfect match.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Unintentional Frankenpattern

I started off with a Koos pattern Vogue 1301. This had been cut out and waiting for sewing over the long winter, so I thought I better get on it since winter is once again lurking. Let me say this is the worst pattern ever! The armholes are around your waist and the serging on the front does not look good. It just looks like an ugly nightgown.

Since I had just completed Butterick 5985 and since I had fabric that matched in the stash I decided to move forward.

I cut off the top and used it as an over skirt, It's wearable but not my favorite. It took a long time to sew and I don't think the fabric I used for the main portion of the dress will wear well, it was pilling as I was sewing it.

At least I'm smiling.